Sunday, April 15, 2012

Money Bomb Time For The UCWA

After reading today's S.L. Auditor column, and the Union County 2012 tax levy posted by John Bury here, (3.22% for Linden, but Summit at over 10%!) lies about MusicFest costs, soon-to-be ex-Freeholder Scanlon's son being hoisted on the county taxpayer funded payroll here, (not to mention that Freeholder Scanlon admitted that she didn't fully understand the solar scheme) and a host of other malfeasance committed in Union County too numerous to mention, there can be no doubt that Union County government has been out of control for a long time.  At taxpayer expense.

In Linden, we have serious problems with the County, whether Linden's Mayor will acknowledge it or not.  Projects, under the direction of the UCIA and more chilling, the UC Dem Chair, who, just by chance I guess, is the Executive Director of the UCIA, have cost Linden taxpayers more money than we can ever recover.  In the millions.  The Mayor thinks Freeholder Christopher Hudak will help us?   You have a better chance of seeing God.  This Freeholder's father not only advises Linden, but advises the UCIA on bonds.  And gets paid for it.  So too do the other attorneys working for Linden work for the County.  Our interests are NOT the same. No conflict?  If you say so.

We send out hard-earned tax dollars to the County because we have no choice.  What we can do is help the UCWA in their efforts by sending a buck or two or more to the UCWA for their efforts.  The UCWA does its best to pry open the lid of the worm can known as county government.  They fight for the right to access to documents that would never see the light of day.  It's a very worthy organization, a description if I am not mistaken was even used by a Union County Judge, and IMO the only people who are concerned about the taxpayers in Union County.  Name me one elected official who works as hard  as Tina to bring transparency to Union County government.  Just one.

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Anonymous said...

I see how Elizabeth, Roselle and Plainfield got no tax increase. I am thinking that is orchestrated for 2012 presidential election.

NFS said...

You are wrong 9:48. Those cities vote democrat all the time. Doesn't even matter if their taxes go up or down. You can include Linden in that as well. No brains in all those towns, even collectively.

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