Sunday, June 3, 2012

Union County Prosecutor Loses Round 1

It's almost too stupid to comment on, but since it involves First Amendment rights, the New Jersey Law Journal reports that Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow lost his/their summary judgment motion to dismiss a detective's lawsuit over what the detective sees as free speech.

I have ZERO respect for Romankow for a number of reasons and can't stand him.  Read this for yourself and you will probably agree.

Keep burning our hard-earned tax dollars Romankow.  He could care less.  He's set for life.  Those legislators and/or governor who helped him along have either left their office in disgrace, are dead or in prison.  See here for some of those details.  h/t County Watchers. All of Romankow's enablers were democrats. 

See here for latest lawsuit details.  How do you get someone like this out of office?  You CAN'T.

It's vile.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is "birds of a feather"....

NFS said...

Let's buy diapers for these guys.