Friday, August 26, 2011

Where's The Bank? In Sweden?

Oh god, you really have to laugh at the Union County Prosecutor's acceptance of George Devanney, former County Manager/Nephew of Senator Ray Lesniak's excuse for not depositing the full, supposedly, cash rake from the beer garden.  Devanney claimed, according to the Prosecutor's Finding, that he was scared to carry around that much cash. 

He has access to sheriff officers who can accompany him to the bank  LOL

This is just so sick

Thank you County Watchers.  Tina was more than diligent.  Too bad the freeholders don't do their job with the same tenacity.  

Union County voters will vote the same clowns in.  That's all they know.  Democrats.  And they never ask themselves if their lives are any better. One good example as to how pathetic it is, is when you have a former County freeholder, specifically Adrian Mapp of Plainfield, who got kicked to the curb when he questioned the Freeholders. Still he supported the all democrat  line in the last election, no matter how bad they are.  He should be ASHAMED. 

Plainfield, Elizabeth, Linden, Roselle, Rahway voters allow this crap.

You like it like this?

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