Thursday, August 25, 2011

Musicfest Findings

The County Watchers have posted the Union County Prosecutor's Findings into Musicfest.  This investigation would not have occurred without the C.W.'s diligence. Why unpaid citizens have to do the job that our elected officials won't do calls into question why this is so.  In Union County, elected officials know they can count on the democrat vote, no matter how badly they perform. 

The findings aren't pretty and, IMO, it warrants more action by someone, other than Prosecutor Theodore Romankow, who has basically given a pass to what I consider to be theft.  My reason for that opinion will be in comments section on The County Watchers blog, once my comment is approved.

Will N.J. Attorney Paula Dow get involved?  U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman?  Anyone?  It's up to you, the voter, to end this charade. 

Read the Findings here.


Anonymous said...

If no one looks into this, including Christie, I have lost all faith. Not that I had any. Linden, Union County, and the rest of the minority towns who suck up tax dollars and don't even realize they are making certain people rich at their peril.

Anonymous said...

Please someone should investigate the UCIA. Now we know, without a doubt, how much Lesniak's nephew was a fucking moron, perhaps with the help of Lawrence Caroselli.

The two of them helped themselves to benefits for life.

That should be taken away from both of them.

Anonymous said...

So did County Counsel actually read the contract that they signed off on as being "approved as to form"??? If so, then we need new County Counsel!

I would also like to see the UCPO investigate past Musicfest Events and find out how much more money was diverted by these thieves... Unbelievably inept management - or is it....? (Maybe it's a special perk they've built into events such as these to give other interested parites extra amounts of cash secretly at the county tax payers' expense thinking no one has eer bothered to challenge or investigate them?). Think of how much that million dollars + spent on this crap last year could have benefited UC tax relief!!

Anonymous said...

What about the other years that were not looked into?