Monday, April 18, 2011

Montclair Streams Their Local Access Channel Live

January and February Council Meeting Minutes have yet to be posted on the Linden City website.  Minutes are good, but do not convey all that happens at council meetings.  Obviously, nothing beats watching a council meeting with your own eyes.  Those with Comcast cable can watch the meetings on TV-36 when they are aired.  FiOS customers just recently gained access on Channel 42.  Those using satellite T.V. or without cable have no access.

Yesterday, The Star Ledger ran an article, entitled "Activists spoof official Union County website, but officials aren't laughing".  Neither are overtaxed taxpayers.  See story here.

Tina of The County Watchers follow ups on that article here and points to, among other things that the Ledger piece misses, the County's failure to upload freeholder meeting videos.  While the County's $136,000 website was launched over six months, there's only a promise of video and audio from past freeholder meetings "coming soon".  The County wasted no time however in uploading what I consider to be self-aggrandizing videos which are spotlighted on its home page.

The Township of Montclair has one of the most superior, transparent government websites I've come across.  It's not only simple to navigate, containing a wealth of information, but Montclair streams their local access channel live and provides videos of council meetings that can be viewed at your leisure. See here.

Let's get on the ball already government.  

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