Sunday, March 27, 2011

Councilman Brown Records Mayor

According to The Auditor column of the Star Ledger (Who is that new kid on the block?), Councilman Brown recorded a conversation with the Mayor.  Column here.

Since becoming a councilperson, Brown, IMO, has done all he can to undermine the Mayor's authority.  The Mayor, if he indeed called Brown "wet behind the ears" was being much too kind.  

In real news, Union County may be facing a credit rating downgrade.  That's good news according to UCIA Executive Director/Union County Democrat Chair Charlotte DeFilippo, who said:  "This is really good news for Union County,"  "It shows how healthy we are."

Another disturbing statement, made by soon-to-be ex-finance director Lawrence Caroselli:  "We’re just a victim, if you will, of the economic conditions and the situation with real estate."  So we're to believe the County's reckless spending and borrowing plays no part?

These people are out there. 

Article here.

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Anonymous said...

With devastating tax increases, this is what Brown is worried about? What a joke.