Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Perversion of Justice" By Linden Muncipal Judge

Yesterday, a Superior Court Judge ruled that Linden Municipal Court Judge Louis M.J. DiLeo overstepped his authority during a recent court proceeding.  According to the Star Ledger article covering the story, Superior Court Judge Scott Moynihan called the Linden trial conducted by Judge DiLeo a "perversion of justice".  See S.L. article here.

Just last month Linden Council refused again to consent to the Mayor's appointment of Dan Roberts as Municipal Judge.  Some council members cited Roberts' lack of experience.either as a prosecutor or public defender.

Judge DiLeo, prior to becoming Linden's Municipal Judge, served as Linden's Prosecutor, which makes the Judge's conduct here all the more troubling.  There can be no mistake that Judge DiLeo knew, or should have known, that he was overstepping his role as Municipal Judge.  

Judge DiLeo should immediately resign. 


Anonymous said...

This kind of blows council's theory all to hell that a judge should have prosecutorial experience, doesn't it?

NFS said...

Apparently, Judge DiLeo can do both at the same and council probably thinks this is a GOOD thing. The integrity of the Linden Municipal Court has been sullied. I can't see how Council will justify keeping this Judge on the bench, but I'm certain they are busy working on a new theory.