Monday, March 7, 2011

If You Can't Trust a Sheriff, Who Can You Trust?

Last Friday we learn that Linden Municipal Judge Louis M.J. DiLeo overstepped his legal authority and today we find out Middlesex County Sheriff is charged with bribery.  These people are entrusted with upholding the law, yet they appear to do otherwise.  I don't have the patience anymore for these kinds of people.  When will it end?

Lesniak defended this sheriff, along a party line, during Spicuzzo's hearings for confirmation the NJ Sports and Exposition Authority

Sheriff story here.

These people creep me out.

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Anonymous said...

Just wish the AG's office would step over into Union County. Wouldn't that be great? Gosh - so much to uncover!!! So much news to report on.

Oh, wait - the Star Ledger never reports UC shennanigans, do they? Could interfere with those promised Union County government jobs they all seem to land after they get laid off from the SL....