Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Silcon Agrees to Foreclosure on Rahway Project

According to Rahway Rising, the mixed use condominium known as the Sky View at Carriage City Plaza is going into foreclosure. This was the building ex-Governor Corzine once campaigned from. It's also the development where the seller, Carriage City, listed Camelot Title as the agency where buyers could obtain back title.

Meanwhile, Linden is tied up in litigation with Verge Properties on the failed South Wood development.  Verge is seeking, among other things, lost profits.  Maybe Verge should send Linden taxpayers a thank you card instead.


jimmie johnson said...

that rahway project was too high end for the area, if it was more modest type apartments for rent, probably would've been ok; instead of high end condos for sale

NFS said...

I agree.