Friday, October 8, 2010

Linden Homeowners -- Are You Ready For Some More Good News?

Get ready, then, all you good homeowner's of Linden! I know you are probably still reeling from the schmaltzing you got recently with that terrible tax increase...but I thought I'd share some more good (or not) news with you.

It seems that the good old boys and girls over at Union County have found yet another couple of ways to dig into your pockets! (And the pockets of the rest of U.C.'s tax paying residents.)

First we have the newly redesigned Union County website. For a mere $135,000.00 (of our tax money that could have been spent on saving a couple teacher's jobs), they have designed a fabulous new site for us to use. Some exciting features include the County's "venture" (as their hand maiden, the Star Ledger stated), "into social media, starting YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr accounts to market the county to a younger audience..."

Oh goody - I can't wait to spend my evening perusing the changes and finding important stuff to hook up to my facebook account to impress and fascinate my facebook friends! And for the amount of money spent, I'm sure it will be a wild time...

The other fabulous idea that these guys dreamed up to use our tax money on is a back up Union County Ambulance Squad. Isn't that a neat idea, too? It will be based in Westfield (lucky them! - Not so lucky Elizabeth and other far reaching areas of the county), and they are even getting a couple of rigs donated by the obviously wealthy City of Rahway - and we KNOW they are rich because they just spent $90,000.00 on a nice piano over there and sent a $50,000.00 water purifier to Haiti!

What I am wondering, however, is whether this is going to cost the homeowners in Rahway extra tax dollars to in order to donate these rigs - or did they "just happen to have" a few extra rigs laying around? (Wait - how much do ambulances cost anyway? And seriously, who's is paying for this...??)

So much for consolidating services across municipalities and eliminating unnecessary costs and duplication of services. Do these people even "get it"? We are still in the throes of a recession, Union County officials, and you are still dreaming up new schemes to add to our tax burden?


NFS said...

It's just another vehicle for the county to expand its powers. Why do they do it? Because we allow them. There aren't enough Tina Rennas to stop them. They are a vile bunch IMO.

Dougman said...

It's like the way they eliminated the engineering dept. at the County to save money in the budget.

Guess what? Now all that work is outsourced to the Cog's political supporters with the biggest checks written out to Her Highness of King Street.

NFS said...

There's always a self-serving interest in every move the County makes IMO. When are the voters gong to catch on?

Maybe, as "justed" suggests, Neil Cohen is dropping a dime.

Anonymous said...

Cohen should drop a dime - does anyone here think that those upstanding co-workers of his were shocked and stunned and caught off guard by his little peccadilloes on the Internet?

Little doubt that they haven't known about that for a LONGGGG time...just saved it up for just the right moment in order to quiet and "humble" him.