Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holley Can't Submit an Absentee Ballot Correctly

But look what the County Watchers uncovered.  Apparently Jamel Holley is a jack of all trades.    He is a paid councilman in Roselle, a paid County employee and yet has time for a third job, looking to work with lobbyists. Where does he find the time? (To borrow a B. Ingle line)

Poor Roselle.  High taxes, self-serving politicians and Holley.  As if Neil Cohen wasn't enough.   What next?


Anonymous said...

How does somebag pass the bar and still don't know how to read a ballot?

NFS said...

Whoever left the Neil Cohen comment, I'm sorry. I deleted it by mistake. If you'd care to comment again, I'll see that it gets posted.

Is he still walking around in the free world?

just ed said...

Neil Cohen he must be talking up a storm