Monday, September 27, 2010

Former Attorney of DeCotiis Law Firm Indicted

According to PolitickerNJ, a former attorney at the DeCotiis law firm has been indicted, along with Former Senator Wayne Bryant.  See story here.

Let's review some of the law firms Linden taxpayers rely upon, shall we?

The DeCotiis law firm makes enormous fees as a result of Linden partnering with the Union County Improvement Authority.  Even on projects gone bad, Linden overtaxed taxpayers continue to foot monthly bills to the DeCotiis law firm.

Another outside law firm doing work for Linden, which has been paid over a million dollars, missed important deadlines and the Judge issued an opinion citing that certain portions of those attorneys' Certifications contained factual argument that were inappropriate.

Another outside law firm currently doing legal work for Linden recently had aiding and abetting charges reinstated against it in a suit by investors over its alleged role in a $22 million Ponzi scheme

Where do we find them?


Anonymous said...

All these brilliant legal minds at that law firm and no one knew about this???? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NFS said...

Excuse me anon 3:05, but did you see the video Bury post of Jonathan Williams of the DeCotiis law firm while promoting the solar panel project at a freeholder meeting, which in my view, is a conflict of interest. Hardly brilliant, but smart enough to pull the wool over everyone's eyes IMO.

NFS said...

I'd like to know why and how these law firms are referred to our city. One of the law firms, currently working for Linden, whose attorneys were cited for missing deadlines as well as making inappropriate statements in their Certifications in District Court, continued to paid.

What about the rest of the skeeve lawyers Linden taxpayers foot the bill? This is very troublesome that our own City doesn't ask any questions, nor does our City send a representative to the UCIA meetings. Linden just goes along with the Union County Democratic Chair and her spending. Plainfield does it too. We are getting ripped off IMO and nobody gives a shit.

NFS said...

Don't get me started 3:05 p.m.

Anonymous said...

No one saw those 9,000 buck retainer checks being written out to Bryant each month? LOL!

Not for nothing, but if these guys at this firm didn't see that mess happening,and are telling the press all about it, then what is wrong with all these smart people we elect to office to protect our interests who keep hiring these incompetent attorneys?

(Ha ha!I'm being facetious here...we all know these lawyers and their buddy politicans are plenty smart enough to smell easy money AND people who are dumb enough to keep electing the same politicans to rehire the same incompetent attorneys over and over again!)