Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bury on DeCotiis

John Bury, who writes at New Jersey Voices at the commie site, has a small piece on the indictment of Eric Wisler, former partner at the DeCotiis law firm.  See here for Bury's latest take on DeCotiis.

Bury also posts a link to the DeCotiis law firm's political donations.  The amount of money the DeCotiis law firm donates is obscene.  A lot of that money comes from overtaxed taxpayers.  How does the DeCotiis firm make those huge donations while only charging $185/hr. or so to public entities?  It doesn't add up.  Perhaps that's why the UCIA is reluctant to release the bills of the DeCotiis law firm.  The County Watchers have been trying to get this information for quite a while.  See here.

What's going on with the Tern Landing project in Elizabeth?  Same players.  The Record dubbed Tern Landing  as a clone of the failed Encap project.  See here.  

Hopefully, a lot more subpoenas will be issued and soon.  These projects are sucking the taxpayers dry.


Anonymous said...

But the US Attorney General says NJ isn't corrupt.....there must be a logical explanation here...

NFS said...

It's too bad waste, greed and incompetence aren't crimes.