Saturday, August 21, 2010

Next Series: Hudak & Lawyers, Inc.

John Bury is taking a look into another drain on overtaxed taxpayers' wallets. Lawyers.  This should be fun. See Bury's column "Will Lawyer for Pension" here.

Bury lists threes lawyers on Linden's payroll.  Ed Kologi (recently retired), John Hudak and Dan McCarthy.  There is a fourth lawyer, Allan Roth, who Bury missed. 

Salaries for these part-time lawyers, according to 2009 Data Universe figures:

Kologi: $96,080
Hudak $71,512
McCarthy: $66,104
Roth: $85,251

Linden also engages outside counsel.  Sometimes that is due to conflicts of interest. Dawn Kologi vs. The City of Linden, et al, was one example.  Sometimes outside counsel is needed for specialized counsel, or so they say.  One outside law firm currently doing legal work for Linden recently had aiding and abetting charges reinstated against it in a suit by investors over its alleged role in a $22 million Ponzi scheme. See that story here.  Linden taxpayers have paid that law firm over a million dollars.

All four Linden part-time lawyers are enrolled in the Enron-esque State pension system due to one or more public jobs.  They also maintain private practices.  To borrow a Bob Ingle line, "Where do they find the time?".

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