Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mayoral Candidate Confirms Running Mate is a Liar

An article in today's Star Ledger confirms that Linden 5th Ward Councilman Gene Davis is a double liar.   See article here

First, Davis lied that his running mate, Mayoral candidate Robert Bunk, would step down during his term if elected.

Second, Davis further lied to his challenger when he promised her his seat if she would step out of the race. 

From the article:  "Davis didn’t have any explanation for why he claimed Bunk would step down, but said it wasn’t because of anything Bunk had said to him."

This is not "political hyperbole" as Davis claims.   It was a bizarre attempt by Davis to knock his challenger out of the race, thereby leaving voters no choice. 

Does Mr. Davis apologize to his challenger for all his lies?  No sir.  Instead, he becomes more bizarre and blames his challenger for his bizarre behavior.  

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