Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Linden Mayor Calls On Councilman to Resign

News 12 has a follow-up story here.

Fifth Ward Councilman Gene "I'm a man of my word" Davis, who was caught on tape trying to "influence" his challenger to drop out of the race says he won't resign.  No surprise there.  The Union County Democrat organization has not called for his resignation either and it's not likely that they will.  Who knows?  They might even give him a promotion at his County job. 

Strange things go on all the time.  Here's a beauty from PolitickerNJ:

Former Atlantic City Councilman John Schultz, who was admitted into a pre-trial intervention program last year after being charged in a sex video blackmail case, will be honored tonight with the Spirit of Hospitality Award by the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority – which is part of state government. The award was announced by Jeffrey Vasser, the authority president.


Anonymous said...

Have these politicians no shame or modesty at all?

And are NJ voters that stupid that they keep reelecting these moral misfits to run our government and line theirs and their friends and families pockets with our money?

Citizenswatch said...

Gene Davis needs to do the right thing and resign. He has hurt his office and has lost the public trust.

Citizenswatch said...

Gene davis must resign he has lost the trust of people. With Mr. Davis still in office he continue to give Linden a bad name.

Anonymous said...

the AC visitors authority was also the one that some GOP assemblyman found lots of taxmoney abuse to fund thier largesse and living large with parties and trips for the members...also in that investigation report was the RVSA (Rahway valley sewerage authority-services lot of union county towns but not Linden)at the same time and they wasted and abused in the same way those area resident's taxmoney so much the chairman at that time of the report suddenly stepped down due to "health" reasons. BTW, Weiner-Lesniak is the RVSA authorities legal firm.......(of course!)

NFS said...

Has the public trust EVER been a concern to the Union County Machine Dems? Never.

They care about one thing. Power which equals money. And they ALL profit from it.

Makes my stomach churn.