Friday, April 16, 2010

A Dollar and a Dream Gone Bad

According to a Star Ledger article, Plainfield taxpayers thought they were gettiing a senior citizen center for a $1.  Dream on poor taxpayers. 

No surprise that the Union County Improvement Authority is involved with this latest project gone bad.  According to the Developer's Agreement between the UCIA and the developer, a client of Sen. Lesniak's law firm, the developer was to, among other things, include electrial outlets every twelve feet.  The Developer's Agreement has been made available by Plainfield Today which can be viewed here.  Note you will have to rotate the document to view it right side up. 

One question I have is why are these contracts drawn so loosely?  Maybe it's because no one is working in best interests of the taxpayers?  Whatever the reason, I hope Plainifield's Council can get some answers.  Enough already.   


Anonymous said...

the electrical outlets every 12 feet is an electrical code requirement (I believe). But what is amazing is that the deveoper sprung a $300k construction fit-out bill on Plainfield. The council had no inkling of the cost nor what that money was spent on. They were left out of the loop, and probably have every right to analyze those costs since they did not approve them nor any plans. One stickler I see in the contract is the $25k for good faith held by "seller" that for whatever reason if matters arent consummated and the city of plainfieed walks away the developer keeps the $25k. Unsure what the square footage of the senior center is or the fit-out/layout/furniture design requirements but probably a guess of $40-50/sf would be acceptable cost.

NFS said...

When you have a contract drawn between a politically connected developer, who, in this case, was represented by one of the most powerful politicians in the State, and schmucks, a/k/a taxpayers, who do you think the contract favors?

Why didn't the contract spell out the "extras"? It's all garbage. IMO, Plainfield is getting fleeced just as Linden is with these UCIA deals. It's disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is why the good people of Plainfield finally woke up and said "NO!" to that school budget! LOL!

It's about damn time (you, too, Linden!)they finally woke up and smelled the coffee and took the politicians' hands out of their pockets!