Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Put Our Money Where Your Mouth Is

Linden Mayor Richard Gerbounka and its Law Director, Edward Kologi, continue to trade barbs over whether the City's three part-time attorneys should submit verification of their work hours.  See story here and here.

It comes as no surprise that Council President Bunk agrees that the attorneys be permitted to work in a Laissez-faire fashion.  Afterall, the head of the Neighbor Presevation Program was allowed to work while residing in Marco Island, FL and when the Mayor demanded that employee account for his hours, Bunk sided with the employee, which later resulted in this.

No one is accusing the attorneys of any wrongdoing.  The Mayor is simply asking for accountability.  It is difficult, if not impossible, to judge whether three attorneys are warranted when no one has any idea of  just how many hours these men work. 

Attorney Kologi has assured the City that he and the other two attorneys are a bargain so why not take the opportunity to prove it by simply submitting timesheets?  It should not be an exhausting task.


Anonymous said...

How can anyone be against acccountability? Bunk and whoever else is against accountability should explain why. I'd really love to hear it.

NFS said...

These attorneys who contribute to the democrat organization have an attitude of entitlement. What little boy blue, a/k/a Hudak's son, fails to acknowledge is that his daddycakes would have NEVER gotten all the "public" work had he not become one of them. Let's not forget that sonnyboy, a/k/a as the Democrat Chair of Linden also has a public job with Motor Vehicles. They are all ADDICTED to the public payroll, a check that Bunk is all too anxious to sign.

NFS said...

Bottom line is they all are self-serving, getting rich off the taxpayers. They have no interest in improving government, only improving the size of their wallets. They are ALL dispicable and a fraud on society.