Saturday, February 27, 2010

Business Administrator Long Overdue

Back in 2006, ex-Mayor John Gregorio declared that he worked not only as the Mayor, but as the City's business administrator, a position that never existed and still doesn't to this day.  Approximately half of the County's municipalities employ an administrator or a CFO. 

The City's payroll can be viewed as a "family friendly payroll", a term I happened to catch on one of the cable networks.  It couldn't be more true in Linden.

We have a City council that too often operates purely on a political agenda.  The skatepark can't even be resolved due to politics.  There are conflicts too numerous to mention, but one, for instance was the case of the part-time employee who was earning $90,000 living in Marco Island, FL.  Incredibly, when Mayor Gerbounka demanded that the Marco Island resident be accountable for his hours, Council President Bunk sided with the Florida resident.  It's ludicrous.  Later it was found the Marco Island resident was ripping off the poorer residents with the help of his brother, another City employee.

As ex-Mayor Paul Werkmeister recently pointed out, we have many employees earning in excess of $100,000, yet we have no professional overseeing the City's nearly $90 million budget nor it's day-to-day operations.  Regardless of who wins the mayoral election, overtaxed taxpayers deserve more than a circus-like run government.


Unknown said...

We need someone other than Gerbounka, Bunk or for that matter anybody else on the Council to run for Mayor. The circus will continue as long as we have the same players.

NFS said...

I omitted that Gerbounka has, in the past, said that a Business Administrator was in order. I cannot answer why that has never been accomplished ... perhaps he didn't have the support of council.

As of now, Gerbounka and Bunk are the choices. Armstead may be running as well.

Unknown said...

Of course he doesn't have the support of the Council to get anything done. They have done nothing but bicker back and forth and both parties are at fault. That's why we need someone completely different.

Unknown said...

We do have a choice! Join me and my friends on Facebook at

Let's work together. The Mayoral Democratic Primaries are June 8th starting at 6am and ending at 8pm. Know your cadidates and their track records. We need this for our families.