Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Union County to Gov.Christie: In Your FACE

The County Watchers has uncovered yet another example of a pretty brazen scheme going on in Union County. It's hard to be shocked anymore by the shenanigans going on at County, but with the State facing a crippling pension deficit, and just a mere week after Governor Christie took great pains to explain the severity of the dire fiscal state of affairs, the County pulls this stunt.

From the Governor's speech:

"The total unfunded pension and medical benefit costs are $90 billion. We would have to pay $7 billion per year to make them current. We don’t have that money—you know it and I know it. What has been done to our citizens by offering a pension system we cannot afford and health benefits that are 41% more expensive than the average fortune 500 company’s costs is the truly unfair part of this equation. "

It's more than troublesome as it appears the County and its own law enforcement departments took great pains to circumvent pension rules to help out a retired Police Chief.

Poor taxpayers. 


just ed said...

Charlotte DeFilippo any news

NFS said...

No news Ed. Trust me, if there were I'd be right on it. Our new and much improved Governor has exercised his veto power since coming into office. One of the vetoed items took place in Hillside, the cog's hometown over excessive salaries for street sweepers. I am hopefull that Christie will start reviewing the minutes of the UCIA because there are surely excessive lawyer fees being paid out.