Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UCIA Public Enemy No. 1 in Linden

You really got to laugh reading Union County Dem. Chair, Charlotte DeFilippo, weigh in on Linden's Mayoral race on NJPoliticker.com.   Linden taxpayers have been on the hook for debt payments on two failed Union County Improvement Authority projects, i.e., South Wood Avenue and Morning Star, with nothing to show for it except an empty lot and abandoned buildings.  Lawyers's fees continue to toll. 

The ISP/Dupont project was tied up in litigation for years.  Almost five years ago when Linden council voted to pull the rug out from under the rightful property owners' feet, DeFillippo was quoted as saying that the project was "bigger than Dupont".  Who was she kidding?  The taxpayers!  This mess may soon be coming to an end with no thanks to the UCIA.

DeFililppo goes on to say that: "I think that while Linden has always been extraordinarily service-oriented, it's lost some of that luster with Gerbounka. Bunk speaks to the people's needs. I'm very optimistic about the Democratic Party. It's a very important election, first for Linden, and for Democrats."

It is an important election.  It's important that Linden remain viligant and not turn more power over to the self-serving politicians who devour our hard-earned tax dollars through incompetence, nepotism, cronyism and mismangement.  

Read the entire column here.

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