Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Governor-Elect Christie & Lt. Governor-Elect Guadagno

Congratulations are in order, not only to our new future Governor & Lt. Governor, Chris Christie & Kim Guadagno, respectively, but to the voters of this State for making it happen.

Thanks also to the State Democratic Committee for making those robocalls on behalf of Chris Daggett. The voters saw through that ill-conceived, amoral, half-baked scheme.

Union County residents didn't fair as well.  We still have an all democrat Freeholder Board.  That's a pity.

Although Assembly candidates Martin Marks and William "Bo" Vastine were unable to unseat Assemblyman Jerry Green and Assemblywoman Linda Stender, their numbers were pretty good.

Linden Democrat Chair, Chris Hudak, was unsuccessful in trying to capture a seat for his organization.   Councilman Bob Frazier retains his seat.

Finally a proud day to be from Jersey.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean we will now have a powerful State Attorney General who may be free to pursue corruption wherever it leads? Are there any nervous Union County Dems out there?

Anonymous said...

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Just ed said...

nervous Union County Dems out there? what is your take

NFS said...

I'm hopeful ed. If there is corruption, and I tend to believe there is, I hope it's priority for the new Govenor. It's not only corruption, but, in my view, it's incompetence as well that needs to be examined. I'd like to see genuine audits being done. Christie promises that will happen on a State-wide level, but it needs to happen with all these quasi-government authorities. I think the taxpayers are being raked over by the coals not only with rampant nepotism and cronyism, but by these politically connected law firms. The fees being paid out are obscene.

Let's also hope the State A.G.'s office has its files nice and neat and in order.

NFS said...

To Anon 3:42 .. thank you for reading.