Friday, October 16, 2009

Is the UCIA Withholding Meeting Minutes?

The Union County Improvement Authority has posted the minutes for its September meeting. July and August minutes remain missing.

The September minutes, which can be viewed here, state:

"Acting Chairman Miskiewicz asked for a motion for approval of Minutes for the July 1, and August 5, meetings. On a motion made by Secretary John Salerno and seconded by Commissioner Samuel McGhee. Due to an inadequate amount of Commissioners present, the motion will be reconsidered at the October 7, 2009 meeting."

Yet, the commissioners in attendance, which appear to be six, go on to vote for various resolutions by motion for the rest of the meeting, as well as voting on payment of bills.

Did the commissioners go on a beer run during the vote for approval of the July & August meetings?  Can anyone make sense of this? 

Notice no questions are asked by the commissioners on the items they are voting on, even though contracts are being amended, including Morning Star. Not one question. Not even a pretend question.


melinden said...

NFS,you don't miss a trick.If I watched this meeting I would have never realized it.Who is the conductor of this orchestra?

Anonymous said...

Melinden, I know that you know the conductor is the Cog (self proclaimed), the very same woman who is under investigation by the State A.G.'s office. Amazing that she can conduct business under such a cloud, handing out millions of dollars to politically connected firms. Keep in mind the State A.G. is a tool of the democratic party.

If you review the UCIA bills paid for September, you will notice a miracle has occured. No fees paid to the darling law firm of DeCotiis.


just ed said...

When will the big shakeup hit god only knows

NFS said...

Doesn't look like anytime soon ed ... looks like Lesniak is firing warning shots at the State A.G in a letter he wrote which I'll post soon. I only hope Milgram has a pair strapped on.