Sunday, October 11, 2009

Corzine Still Exploiting Women for Votes

It's sickening that Corzine's campaign is still attempting to terrorize women into voting for him. Corzine would have women believe that a vote for Christie is a vote against mammograms and possibly would even send women to their deaths. Remember, this is a screening that costs no more than $200 and sometimes can be obtained for FREE.

Corzine's distorts the truth. His campaign is more than disgusting, it's outright false and exploits women in the most vile way.

Corzine is a sexist as well. Corzine fails to mention any insurance mandated screenings for men in his ads, such as cancer prostate screening, that would come with a "bare bones" policy. Why is Corzine so focused on mammograms? I think it's because Corzine sees women as easier prey.

Under the State's insurance mandates, many people are without any insurance because they simply cannot afford the expensive premiums, and mandates contribute to the cost. Therefore, less people would be at a risk, medically and economically, if they could secure a less expensive, bare bones policy, which is what Corzine is against and Christie is for.

There is no hidden agenda here, as Corzine would like you to believe, only a common sense approach to the reality that many people, men and women alike, have no coverage because they cannot afford a mandate laden policy. Christie's plan would help those people secure some coverage. It's those people Christie wants to help and Corzine ignores.

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