Thursday, October 1, 2009

Assembly Races in our District

With all the "hoo hah" surrounding the Governor's race, Linden residents should be pleased to know that next month, we will have the opportunity to GRIP Assemblyman Jerry "Dumped His Dumps" Green (D) and Assemblywoman Linda "The Spender" Stender (D).

Green & Stender are being challenged by Martin Marks (R), former Mayor of Scotch Plains, and Bo Vastine (R), a resident of Scotch Plains.

I'm adding the blog sites for Green, Marks and Vastine if you're inclined to read about the candidates you will be voting for. I haven't found a blog site for Stender.


Melinden said...

I have got to say NFS,you know the score and get the INFO.

NFS said...

Thanks Melinden. I was actually going to reach out to our mutual friend to ask where have you been. Glad you are still reading.

The score in NJ government is a crook here, a crook there .. a crook everywhere. How can the taxpayers win? And then the SCREWBALLS start defense funds for them. I just noticed that Ed Kologi, the Linden "over seeer" City Attorney, gave to the Mims Hackett, Jr. Defense Fund. Mims pleaded guilty BTW. It's just incredible what they do in the name of the party or in the name of their wallets, isn't it? Skeevy.

I'm GRIPing all of them this election.