Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cost of a Mammography? $200

With all the hay being made by the Corzine campaign regarding mammographies, I decided to pick up the phone and find out the cost, figuring it must be astronomical with the near hysteria. I called Union Imaging Associates in Union, New Jersey. Cost: $200.

Corzine and his Granny running mate, in their looney view, want to scare women into believing that voting for Chris Christie would endanger women from obtaining this affordable procedure. Not only are Corzine & Weinberg being deceitful, they insult intelligent women with their nonsense. All Christie is suggesting is that people have a choice to purchase a no-frills, mandate-free insurance policy.

How many women, with or without health insurance, skip this procedure or annual physical checkups, in order to pay their unaffordable tax bills? Click on the "Compare your Tax Pain" tab here to see how high your taxes have risen in only eight years. We're talking thousands of dollars.

The reality is unaffordable taxes is what is hurting NJ residents and their children.

BTW, the American Cancer Society, as well as other health agencies, have offered this procedure for FREE to the uninsured. You can search the internet for free screening times and locations or pick up the phone.


Anonymous said...

And just an FYI, if you have no insurance or if you are not covered, many times you can call the provider and "negotiate" a reduction in the cost. So that $200.00 could easily be reduced to half of what they quote.

Still a chunk of change...but not totally outrageous, either.

NFS said...

Good point Anon. I found another provider who quoted $158.

As a woman, I am totally disgusted by the way Corzine & Weinberg are trying to scare women into voting for them and apparently it is working. It's shameful.