Monday, August 17, 2009

County Forced to Recognize Free Speech

The County Watchers has posted a letter from Union County counsel, Robert E. Barry, to the NJ American Civil Liberties Union in which the County will recognize the First Amendment and apologize for not doing so at the June 25, 2009 meeting. Apparently Freeholder Chairman will read the short apology at the next Freeholder meeting on August 2oth. The Freeholders should declare August 2oth as "Freedom of Speech Day" if they were really sincere.

The public will now be allowed to comment on County employees, including Freeholder Dan Sullivan's relatives. At that June 25th meeting, Freeholder Sullivan swore that his family members enrolled on the County payroll were off limit from public comment. In fact, Freeholder Sullivan had Tina Renna thrown out of the meeting despite his child-like taunting of Renna. IMO, Freeholder Sullivan, the self-admitted hog, should have been thrown out of the meeting.

Note Barry's letter indicates that the public may comment on County employees; however the letter does not indicate whether questions, such as how many of Freeholder Sullivan's relatives are on the County payroll, will be answered or will that information continued to be hidden.

The County Watchers also posted a piece on what nepotism can cost taxpayers. Read that eye popper here.


just ed said...

Just like luzerne county if you need a kidney transplant you dont have to go far

Anonymous said...

Our elected officials will do anything to keep us from knowing how they waste our taxdollars for their own benefit.Instead of working for us they work for themselves and we get stuck paying the bills.

Melinden said...

2nd comment by Melinden

NFS said...

That Dan Sullivan ... mimicking Tina had to be one of the all-time lows for the Freeholders. He should, at the least, be censured for it. As an elected official, his behavior is outrageous and someone should do something. By doing nothing and remaining silent, it's an indication of approval of that type of behavior.

13% more to the County this year Melinden. For what?

Anonymous said...

Nepotism is rampant. An example closer to home would be the case of the Roses. Were it not for the Roses getting caught, that scam would be on-going. Clearly, we don't get the best, brightest or most conscientious employees when nepotism is used as a qualifier for a position. As we saw with Frank Rose, he arrogantly moved to FL while maintaining his job in Linden. Who could get that kind of gig in the private sector? It's no wonder why JTG was so fixed on hiring kin. Obviously the private sector doesn't hire these types so the taxpayers get stuck with them.

Have the Roses been sentenced yet? No breaks for Senator Bryant. He's reporting to prison next week. What could be the hold up on these two?