Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Corzine Campaigns At Building Where Developer Pushed Camelot

Corzine was campaigning over in Rahway on Monday with Rahway Mayor James Kennedy at the Indigo Hotel which is located in the Skyview at Carriage City Plaza. Skyview was constructed by Carriage City Properties, LLC, a/k/a The Silcon Group, and the condominiums located therein are being sold by Carriage City Properties, LLC, as owner. This project was carried out with the help of the Rahway Redevelopment Agency.

This same Silcon Group was awarded a construction contract by the Union County Improvement Authority in connection with the Raymond Wood Bauer Promenade built here in Linden. I previously noted that the UCIA had received some fugazy award for this project. The Promenade has failed to attract any new businesses to Wood Avenue. The two commercial buildings located on the project site have remained empty for years. As blogger Melinden pointed out, the initial plans were for the new library to be housed in rear commercial building. Those library plans failed as well. Only in NJ would a failure be considered a success.

See here for the masterminds behind the project. While not pictured, former Mayor John T. Gregorio was also one of the masterminds.

Silcon, a/k/a Carriage City Properties, LLC, had listed Camelot Title Agency in its earlier contracts as the place where a buyer could obtain title work in connection with the purchase of a condominium at Skyview. Silcon also lists the County of Union and the Union County Development Agency as clients on its home page. Why would Silcon push or suggest Camelot Title in its contracts? I would imagine this practice has ceased as Camelot Title has apparently ceased to do business, though I'm told it became a heavy-hitting, successful title agency virtually overnight.

How many other developers, which have done business with the County as Silcon, have used and/or pushed Camelot Title? Would it be proper or could it be considered a Quid pro quo? With all the corruption related to developers these days, it's not hard to imagine.

It's been about two years since the State A.G. subpoened records of the UCIA as well as Camelot Title. Charlotte DeFilippo, the UCIA Executive Director/County Dem Chair, and Joe Cryan, NJ Assemblyman/State Dem Chair/Union County Undersheriff, had stakes in the UCIA.

A legal defense fund has been established for DeFilippo as reported here.


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These are a few of my favorite things you know that

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I figured you would appreciate that ed. Seems to be lost on most everyone else.


just ed said...

I could only guess that time is near developer in our shady neck of the woods went down last week and the coo sebia new nothing 2 million to the judges ( I know nothing )To lock kids up for cash may they all rot in hell

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Thanks ed. Of course ... the two had interests in Camelot is what I meant to say.