Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moskovitz Wins; McCarthy, et al. Lose

As Dougman and I predicted, and neither one of us are lawyers so it goes to show how wrong and/or vindictive lawyers and their clients can be, Manalapan's lawsuit against attorney Stu Moskovitz was dismissed.

This was one of the most entertaining lawsuits I've ever read about and many of us became familiar with "daTruthSquad" and our First Amendment Rights. Linden's own hack, Dan McCarthy, who apparently did graduate law school and pass the bar, represented Manalapan, along with a whole host of other attorneys. Dougman and I opined that there was no malpractice on the part of Moskovitz and while this will now never be proven in a Court of Law, the vindication is all Moskovitz.

Why can't Linden have an attorney like Stu Moskovitz on its payroll? Not only can he beat the hell out of McCarthy, I bet he can easily do the work of our entire law department. It's also been said that Moskovitz is very good at uncovering attorneys who overbill. We surely could use some help in that department ... those UCIA lawyers need a closer look.

Read the latest here on daTruthSquad:

More here:

To get a sense/laugh of McCarthy's work & since really nobody in Linden knows what this mystery man actually does for his paycheck, which is really no joke cause we pay this guy, here's a copy of a transcript of a court proceeding.


Anonymous said...

Neil Cohen better start talking what an ass

melinden said...

Cryan's self serving vengence.

melinden said...

Thanks to Bunk and his cronies McCarthy remains on the city payroll.
As one city councilman stated at the Council Meeting on McCarthy's reappointment "I think I saw him in City Hall once in the last year."

NFS said...

And how heck are the geniuses going to enforce such new laws like the one Cryan penned? What an absolute waste of time with this unenforceable b.s. legislation.

NFS said...

Kologi tells council the attorneys are a bargain and council buys it. Hacks first, taxpayers last.

Anonymous said...

The city council members should read the transcript to get an idea of what kind of attorney they are spending our tax dollars on. Looks like a case for maybe a high school debate ... not an actual court of law.