Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Freeholders Mock Taxpayers Again

As reported by Union County Watcher, Tina Renna, the freeholders have approved, despite these hard economic times, the purchase of brand new, luxury-laden vehicles for some of their highly paid department heads.

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Unemployment continues to rise, yet our elected officials in Union County see no need to curb their reckless spending. And why should they? They know come election time, voters have displayed their own recklessness by re-electing each and every worthless candidate the Union County Dem. Machine offers up.

According to the County of Union website, in a letter drafted to the Union County State legislative, County Manager/Lesniak Nephew, George Devanney, had this to say regarding the ill-conceived pension deferral bill: “We are painfully aware that this historic recessionary period has placed extraordinary pressure on property taxpayers. So this pension deferral plan should be looked upon as New Jersey’s “stimulus package” to assist local and county governments by staving off further layoffs and reductions in governmental services.”

First, the pension deferral bill is nothing more than a border-line Ponzi scheme, crafted to hide the true cost of an unsustainable pension system. Second, even if Devanney was dim witted enough to look at the pension deferral plan as a "stimulus package", is using our deferred tax dollars for elaborate GPS systems a prudent use of taxpayer money? Mocking taxpayers in this fashion is inexcusable and defiant.

Linden taxpayers will see the highest jump in County taxes this year at 13%, even with the Ponzi-like pension deferral scheme in place. That kind of pain is something that a six-figure earning hack like Devanney can't claim rights to nor should he disingenuously pretend to, especially after this "Up Yours Taxpayers!" unnecessary expense hoisted on over-taxed taxpayers' backs.


melinden said...

County Vermin

NFS said...

You're too nice melinden. If you get a chance, read Tina's site today ... uneffingbelieveable how the County circumvents the public with redacted documents and passing resolutions by statute cites ... and then they have the gall to kick her out of public meetings? The world has gone mad.