Thursday, June 18, 2009

Corzine Playing Taxpayers Like Yo-Yo's

The Corzine administration has again switched its position on property tax rebates from yes to no to yes to no to maybe. These mind games are not only insulting to the taxpayers' intelligence, it's an indication that this administration is cruel and inept.

This year, NJ has budget shortfall of over One Billion Dollars. Corzine, going back on his word to not borrow without voter approval, has received a Two Billion Dollar credit line to pay for this year's shortfall, when, in fact, these last minute newly found funds should rightly be going to pay for this shortfall.

As stated by Assemblyman Joseph Malone "the extra money does little to change the state's dire fiscal situation". Malone's right, but how could Corzine resist buying votes with taxpayer money even though we clearly can't afford it?


melinden said...

Corzine is no wizard he's a typical tax and spend Dem.He promised to clean up Trenton but instead he's cleaning out the taxpayer's wallet and maneuvering tax dollars for his own political gain in the coming election.

NFS said...

Hey melinden.

Even giving Corzine the benefit of the doubt that he truly wanted to accomplished all that he said he would do, surely he must realize by now that responsible government just isn’t going to happen with the present legislature. He could come clean and say “Sorry folks, I tried, but my “bosses” won’t let me institute any meaningful reform”. Why even bother with another 4 year term when he clearly knows NJ is doomed? Ego. Pure and simple IMO.