Friday, June 19, 2009

Buying Votes with Mindless Bills

A few new bills made the headlines this week. Some new tougher drunk driving bills were dreamed up by Sen. Codey after he recently learned of a repeat offender. One would require a second time offender to install an ignition interlock device. Too bad the technology for such a device is so iffy that even the State Bar Association can't endorse this vote-buying idea.

Today, we received news that NJ will soon have the toughest lemon laws. This one coming at a time when hardly any of us can even afford to purchase a new vehicle. Never mind that the present laws are more than adequate. Another silly vote-buying bill IMO.

Here's another good one by Codey. "Establishes additional investigative and enforcement powers in Division of Consumer Affairs to deter individuals from engaging in unauthorized practice of professions and occupations." That's got to apply to politicians pretending to be "public servants", right?

Former U.S. Attorney Chris Christe successfully prosecuted 130 corrupt NJ residents, most, if not all, of whom earned their livings off the backs of over-taxed taxpayers. A few interesting events occurred this week. Former Senator Lynch arrived back to NJ from the Federal Pen ... in a Mercedes Benz no less. Former Senator Coniglio's attempt to have his verdict overturned was thrown right the hell out of court. It was also announced that Former Senator Wayne Byant's sentencing date has been set. Yet not a peep or one new bill out of Trenton to deter these political criminals.

These felons are Senators, not some lowly municipal worker stealing a few gallons of gas. Where are the new anti-corruption bills? Where are the new harsher penalty laws for corrupt politicians? When is Sen. Codey going to demand a crackdown on corruption? Assemblyman Joe Vas, under indictment by BOTH the Feds and the State, continues to collect a paycheck, yet he hasn't been to work since his first indictment. Yet, the masterminds down in Trenton do NOTHING.


Anonymous said...
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melinden said...

Excellent reporting NFS.

NFS said...

In today's news, Former Senator Sharpe James is appealing his conviction. Never mind the gift that Judge Martini gave James by bifurcating the charge that James stole from the poor taxpayers via city issued credit cards. He was never tried on those charges, which always bugged me. If the Feds were too busy, why didn't the State A.G. step up to the plate for the taxpayers? All the legwork was already done & I'm sure Christie would have been delighted to share his file.

Thanks melinden, I'm only commenting on what I read. Right or wrong, it's just my opinions.

just ed said...

Why would they do anything to hurt themselves Birds of a feather flock together

Anonymous said...

They close their eyes to the corruption thereby putting their party first instead of putting the taxpayers first. They won't address it because to do so would be to admit there is a problem. They think we are dumb and to an extent, we are since we re-elect them over and over and over.

Anonymous said...

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