Monday, April 27, 2009

~ NJ Democrats' Answer to 9/11 ~

In the wake of 9/11, a non-U.S. citizen was named as NJ’s homeland security czar by disgraced ex-Gov. McGreevey. Golan Cipel wasn’t only not qualified for the position, but could not obtain security clearance. It wasn’t elected NJ democrats, concerned enough for the safety of NJ residents, who objected to this appointment. No, they looked the other way. It took the investigative reporting of Sandy McClure, co-author of The Sopranos, to exposed this most ridiculous appointment. More seedy details were revealed in The Sopranos about McGreevey’s relationship with Cipel.

According to newspaper reports, the ACLU issued a press release denouncing the U.S. Attorney’s office where Court Orders allowed those offices to obtain mobile phone location information. Christie says those methods were legal. I believe him.

Curiously, NJ democrats have been relatively silent on this issue since it made the news last week. Could that silence be because they believe Christie too? Or are they too embarrassed to address the issue themselves because they gave us Golan Cipel to battle terrorism?

Why GOP candidates Merkt & Lonegan are giving this the time of day is beyond me.

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