Friday, April 24, 2009

~ Aiders, Abettors & Look the Other Wayers ~

Our corrupt politicians don't get away with this stuff by themselves ... they have help. Wannabe-Sometimes Acting Governor/Senate President, Dick Codey, by his own admission, made a telephone call to Hackensack University Medical Center and said "I'm calling about Joe Coniglio." Codey denies the call was made to vouch for Soon-to-be Convict Coniglio. Federal prosecutors thought otherwise, though no charges have been brought against Codey.

Former Senator Wayne Bryant was convicted on similar corruption charges where he too secured a no show/little show job at another hospital. Bryant had help too. During his trial, lots of juicy details were revealed about how grant money, sometimes referred to as an ATM, was doled out. NJ treasurer, "Let Them Drink Beer/Jerseyans Aren't Overtaxed" Rousseau testified that the treasurer's office had "virtually no discretion" in selecting the organizations that received the grants. Rousseau, who, BTW, is still our treasurer also testified that the Senate included $20 million in special grant funds in the 2005 state budget and the funds were controlled by just three lawmakers: Former Senator/Now Convicted Felon Wayne Bryant, former Senator "I Must Have Fallen In a Pot Hole" Bernard F. Kenny Jr. and Senator "I made the Call, Please Tell Me What Was Wrong" Dick Codey. At that time, Codey was Senate President AND Governor.

Lawmaker Codey doesn't know what was wrong, but the jury knew what was wrong and they convicted Coniglio. The jury should give our lawmakers a lesson on ethics. Hell, THEY should be the lawmakers!

Crimes committed against the taxpayers by our very own lawmakers are the most egregious. If our own lawmakers don't know what's legal and what's illegal, why should we keep entrusting them with our tax dollars? How many more Sharpe James, Wayne Bryants or Joe Coniglios are out there slurping up our hard earned money?

Some new laws were recently enacted regarding Internet predators. One new law requires IT techs to report to law enforcement if they find child pornography on a computer. Why not a law that our lawmakers must report their colleagues if they know or suspect corruption? No more aiding, abetting or looking the other way. Therein lies the problem. Our lawmakers don't know it even when they see it.

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