Monday, March 2, 2009

~ Crane's Iron Fist ~

While looking up information on the Union County Watcher’s website, I came across a short article, along with a picture showing a campaign sign erected on the lawn of a home owned by George Devanney (& his wife), nephew of democrat power boss, Ray Lesniak. That campaign sign was in support of two local republicans during the past November general election in their hometown of Berkeley Heights. George Devanney currently holds the position of County Manager and I believe is a legislative aid to Linden Senator Nicholas Scutari, a democrat. Devanney has also held the position of Executive Director of the Democratic State Committee. While I have no direct knowledge, I suspect Lesniak's nephew is still active in the democrat organization.

Other than Devanney and his wife, through their attorney, demanding that the County Watchers remove the picture from its blog, there have been no reports of the Berkeley Heights or Union County Democratic Organization being upset with these democrats campaigning for republican candidates.

In striking contrast, 7th Ward Councilman, Jack Sheehy, was kicked out of the Linden City Democratic Organization by Democrat City Chair, Charles Crane, and is exiled from attending 7th Ward Democratic Club meetings for supporting republican Presidential candidate McCain, along with some independent candidates in Linden local races. It was reported that another democrat club member and one committeeman received similar banishment for supporting independent candidates.

Since Chris Christie has been somewhat of a savior to the Linden taxpayers by investigating corrupt city employees who are now no longer on the nepotism-ridden City payroll, I would imagine support for Christie will be especially high by Lindenites of all political parties should Christie be the GOP candidate against Corzine this November. How many City Democrat club members will Crane expel this year?


Anonymous said...

What a shame when free speech gets get trampled under the guise of by-laws of a democratic club. Anyone see the irony of that?

Anonymous said...

Great post!!

Thanks for exposing these ridiculous pols for what they really are...(which is not anything for our betterment).

NFS said...

IMO, Crane is seeking to undermine, in an underhanded manner, the 7th ward residents by unilaterally expelling Jack and thereby attempting to sever ties between 7the ward democrats and their councilman. I think this will backfire AGAIN because people of sick and tired of these politicians acting in their self interests.

Anonymous said...

Crane was at Amici last night keeping a careful eye on the comings and goings at the Gerbounka fundraiser last night. How many people will get "a letter"? That's pretty crass.