Monday, August 18, 2008

Where is Chris Christie?

Again, removes my posts and blocks me from posting. Most of the information I am posting below is a matter of public record. Anyhow, I'm posting it here, where it can't be deleted by the "powers that be".

Over the years, we’ve seen minimal action taken by the State A.G.’s office when it comes to public corruption, even though that office is covered with 1,000 wall-to-wall attorneys. As reported in newspapers and the book, “The Soprano State", the State A.G.’s office was on the verge of arresting our former mayor, only to have former State A.G. “See No Evil” Peter Harvey intercede at the last minute and squash that pending arrest. Currently, the State A.G. is looking into the following IF the investigation is still on track (going on a year now):

-- Financial and other documents for the last three years from the Improvement Authority, which each year awards millions in contracts to construction, law and engineering firms.
-- An explanation of DeFilippo’s duties as Cohen's aide. Cohen said he also received a subpoena in late October, asking for any records pertaining to his employment of DeFilippo.

-- All records relating to the county Democratic Committee's involvement in last year's primary election in Roselle, in which allegations of voter fraud are being investigated by the state Division of Criminal Justice.

-- A client list and financial records from Camelot Title Agency, a Woodbridge company in which DeFilippo owns a minority stake.
DeFilippo “worked” as an aid to Cohen.

Jamel Holley also worked as an aid to Cohen. Holley’s handling of certain absentee ballots in Roselle were cited by an Appellate Division as having “rampant statutory violations”.
Cryan shared the legislative office with Cohen & Lesniak. Cryan also is a stakeholder in Camelot Title. Lesniak sponsored a bill which would allow title companies to offer "inducements" to their customers which is currently illegal.

Cryan and Lesniak “performed” their own investigation of Cohen and at some point (fuzzy time line as to how long this “internal” investigation went on for) contacted the OLS who contacted the State A.G.

Chris Christie ought to get a hold of all the files from the State A.G. before the statute of limitations runs out ... unless, of course, that’s the overall plan anyway. We need SOMEONE to clean up County government because Lord knows the voters won’t do it and the State A. G.'s record speaks for itself.

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