Monday, July 28, 2008

Cohen, Lesniak, Cryan & the Cog

What we know so far from newspaper accounts is that an aid found a pornographic "printout" of a young girl at the legislative offices that are shared by Lesniak, Cohen & Cryan. That unnamed aid, turned the picture over to Lesniak & Cryan, who apparently, conducted their own investigation and when convinced the printout came from Cohen’s computer, they, in turn, contacted the Offices of Legislative Services, who, in turn, contacted the State A.G. The State Police crime unit is now also involved. Curiously, no information has been made public as to whether this has been turned over to Federal authorities. Anything less than Federal oversight is a total joke given the history of the State A.G.'s office.

First, if a pornographic printout was found laying about in their legislative offices, why would Lesniak or Cryan even suspect that the picture came from one of their computers, including Cohen’s, since they apparently had such a high regard for Mr. Cohen? It could have been someone's sick idea of a joke or someone else purposely left that photo in the office for embarrassment purposes. Which leads me to believe that Lesniak and Cryan’s suspicion must have come from other sources or experiences than just that one photo. Once Lesniak & Cryan were suspicious enough of Cohen, how long did those two carry on their investigation of their colleague? The time line seems to be a bit fuzzy.

How did Lesniak & Cryan trace the computer printout to Cohen’s computer? Someone must have accessed Cohen’s computer in order to do that. Are Lesniak & Cryan in a position to investigate their own colleague, but more importantly, would it be proper for either one of them to investigate a colleague who has received a subpoena relating to an investigation, the target of which is Charlotte DeFillipo, the Union County Democratic Chair, Executive Director of the Union County Improvement Authority and a legislative aid to Cryan, and who is not only Cryan’s boss if you believe that she calls the shots on the County level, but also Cryan’s business partner in The Camelot Title Agency, another company under investigation? The timing is suspicious to say the least. It appears this situation would have been a golden opportunity to finally "out" Cohen and to discredit any cooperation he may have been willing lend the authorities in their various investigations taking place within the County. I am not suggesting Cohen didn't do what he's been accused of. What I am suggesting is that Mr. Cohen's alleged perversion may have become a handy tool.

Anyone else find it strange for Lesniak & Cryan to use the term "proactive" when referring to their action of reporting Cohen? Reminds me of when McGreevey announced he had a gay "consensual" affair with another man. Too much "drilling" the point home if you ask me.


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Nothing makes sense. I think your points are something that shoulod be considered. Maybe Cohen will shed some light on all of this soon.

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MYbe it was JIM MC GREEVEY computer .
HE had accessed to the computer,