Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's a Badge of Honor Rahway Mayor

Former Union County Freeholder Rick Proctor, now Rahway Mayor, evidently was or/ is mpeached by the local dem organization..

Be proud and SPILL your guts to the Feds.



Anonymous said...

Well, guess who was just impeached? Proctor — who last year was accused of trying to land his wife a six-figure City Hall job — got booted from his committee seat. The new chairman, Councilman Samson Steinman blamed him for a $70,000 campaign finance violation that was recently settled.

“And for working against the local Democratic Party,” Steinman said. “He stood up at a council meeting and said every single council person should be voted out of office.”

Proctor says the impeachment is illegal. “Criticism of the council isn’t necessarily working against the party,” he told The Auditor. “It’s an exercise of free speech.”

NFS said...

If trying to land your spouse or family a job, then the entire Union County Democratic Organization should be IMPEACHED. ALL OF THEM from the top starting with Lesniak and his nephew, his beard and who knows who else.

They are all AMORAL. But once you get kicked out of the democratic party, let's admit it ... IT'S A BADGE OF HONOR.

Name me one leader of the democratic party in Union County who hasn't done the same? IMPOSSIBLE.

They're all AMORAL ... have no solutions and latch on to women, the poor and anything else they can to avoid the real issues facing overtaxed taxpayers.

They make my stomach churn.

Anonymous said...

God bless Mayor Proctor - get those SOBs (you know their ugly and sensitive underbelly!) and turn them all in.

NFS said...

Proctor could and he should EXPOSE THEM. He could be a hero, unlike former UC freeholder Mapp who continues to toe the line for the reg. dems in the County elections. Procter could be a force, if he can do something if only if he would EXPOSE them. Maybe he's afraid.

Anonymous said...

Fear may be a factor in him exposing those could cost his wife her current position at the UCUA...another pit of greed for the UC Dems. The Dems are relentless with their smear campaigns against their enemies but pure evil against one of their own who dares to turn on them in a fit of conscience.

Anonymous said...

Proctor's 'badge of honor' was earned by failing to report election expenses and getting the Democratic Party convicted violations.

NFS said...

@5:44. The treasurer is responsible for filing accurate election reports. If your treasurer wasn't competent enough to do her job, then why was she the treasurer? Like I said, it's a badge of HONOR when anyone is kicked out of the regular democrat organization. Who wants to be associated with that AMORAL group?

TREEeditor said...

NFS, and as we all know well, the "regular democrats", arent even democrats, just self serving bums who hijacked the county line to serve themselves, their friends, cronies, relatives, politcal bosses, hacks, operatives and political donors....proven overwhelimingly and cannot be refuted by anyone.

if there is any money left the taxpayers come dead last, if by chance they are served.

NFS said...

Sorry to post this so late Bruce. I've almost given up on posting because I feel paying attention makes us sick because THEY ARE SICK IN THE HEAD.

Apparently Rick Proctor was fined for trying to secure his wife a job in Rahway. I suppose he learned from the Union County Freeholders. Anyway the complaint was filed by someone who, in my view, should be in jail. Plessier or whatever his name is, caught collecting a pension and a paycheck from Rahway. Camelot Title comes to mind as well.

It's so sick and voters just don't know.

NFS said...

Rahway passed an anti-nepotism bill. So did Linden with unintended consequences. If any of these two hack towns were serious, they would pass a resolution and send it to the County. Neither Rahway or Linden are serious. In Linden driven by one councilman who learned he is not beloved in the Rec.or Public Works Depart.

It's all bullshit and our elected officials are dumb as stones.

No one, for instance, looks over legal settlements in Linden. They just leave it up to the lawyers.

Now in Linden we have democrat hacks as lawyers. No one does their due diligence which is the same in the County.

I could go on ... but it's like beating your head against a wall.

Union County = Linden, Plainfield, Roselle, Elizabeth.

We are surrounded by ignorance.

NFS said...

Hijack? The democrats even hijacked the civil rights movement. History shows that it was NOT democrats leading the way. Yet black voters think so. Why?

It's too incredible. Blacks buy it though.