Sunday, March 4, 2012

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Former Municipal Judge

According to the New Jersey Law Journal, a federal lawsuit has been filed against former Linden judge Louis M.J. DiLeo in a suit entitled Kirkland v. DiLeo.  The suit alleges that the plaintiffs' constitutional rights were violated.

See here, here and here for background.

Are Linden taxpayers going to have the foot the bill for DiLeo's defense?


Anonymous said...

So my question is: If Linden's Council of Clowns had approved Gerbounka's choice of Roberts way back when he FIRST put it before them, would Linden even be in this predicament? If not, then the City of Linden should file a cross claim against the Council of Clowns....let's share the pain.

NFS said...

Gerbounka had been trying to replace DiLeo since 2009. Council refused to let the Mayor exercise his power of appointment. I even went back and read some old minutes when citizens came out to speak in support of DiLeo. It'd be funny reading if the lawsuit wasn't't so serious.

Koziol, Puschel etc. glossing over DiLeo's behavior like it was no big deal. Like I said back then IT IS A BIG DEAL. Shame on them all.

Anonymous said...

So then...the Council of CLowns has direct responsibility for keeping this inept judge (and I use the word "judge" loosely) on the bench... That means this lawsuit is because of them and their political obstructionism and their political back scratching of "their own" that the citizenry now suffers.

I say, cross claim against them in their official capacity and individually...the citizens are already going to suffer another lawsuit so at least exact a little revenge on these self serving council members.

NFS said...

I think it's a bit of a stretch that council members could have foreseen the Judge's backwater behavior. Hopefully, Linden will crossclaim against DeLeo. I'll upload the Answers when they get filed.

Remember those ridiculous taunting signs on DeWitt? At least they're gone.