Thursday, February 16, 2012

UCIA Failed Projects

The South Wood Avenue and ISP/Dupont projects began over 10 years ago.  ISP had entered into an agreement with Linden to develop its own property, but Council, in all of its non-wisdom, decided to pull the rug out from under ISP's feet back in 2005.  That ended up in litigation.

 I can't recall when Linden taxpayers were called upon to buy properties on St. George Avenue, including Assemblyman Green's dumps for nearly three-quarters of a Million Dollars, but I believe that failed project, Morning Star, began about 9 years ago.  What do the overtaxed taxpayers of Linden have to show for it?  Those properties we purchased have been taken off the tax rolls and we are paying for bonds on vacant properties, not to mention hundreds of thousands to the connected lawyers and engineers.  Not one Linden elected official publicly questions this.  We're talking millions of dollars, yet who does Councilman Koziol point his finger at during a budget meeting?  Ron from the Linden Economic Development Corp.  I don't seem to recall the LEDC buying properties at the expense or peril of taxpayers.  Either Koziol is too simpleminded or he can't speak to it least it affect the support of the Union County Dem machine.  Probably both.

Council should finally start demanding accountability from the UCIA.  It's a major problem.    Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and years into decades. 

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Anonymous said...

The ucia is still trying to steal properties from private owners, i.e., ISP. St. George avenue homeowner and business owners were thrown out. Why does Linden put any faith in the ucia or its favored developers. Follow the money (or corruption)