Monday, February 27, 2012

Temporary Judges

Interesting article in this week's New Jersey Law Journal regarding the hiring of temporary judges.  Since Linden has added two additional temporary judges, hope Linden and the Union County Assignment Judge have carefully crafted the wording to avert a situation like Paterson.

See here for article.


Anonymous said...

A lot of these lawyers are bottom feeders. They are like cockroaches, feeding off garbage. Look what we have living in the White House. Disgusting.

NFS said...

The problem is the democrats don't do their homework. They vote for party rather than person, especially on the local and county level. Our taxes have increased by at least 80% over the last ten years, but the democrats will tell you to keep DOING IT.

IT IS ABSURD. Linden is getting screwed by the county, but what does Linden do? Elect the same clueless, ignorant, self-serving democrats.

The dems go into the Towers where none of those old folks pay taxes and BAM .... 1000 votes or more for the dems. Those people don't have to pay for the County screw-ups. They get a free picnic or some nonsense and they vote for dems, not knowing their kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be paying for them after they are long and gone.

Nice, isn't it?