Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Summit Does, Why Not Linden?

Has Linden designated anyone to attend Union County Freeholder Meetings as was suggested by former Mayor Paul Werkmeister?  Unlike what the Mayor would like you to believe, having someone from Linden on the Freehold Board DOES NOT insure fair or proper representation.  In fact, I was shocked when I saw the Mayor of Linden giving newly elected Freeholder, Chris Hudak, a head-ups at a earlier council meeting.  Is he blind to what Linden taxpayers are accumulating in debt because of the actions of not only the Union County Freeholder Board, but the Union County Improvement Authority?  Not only that, it was wholly inappropriate of the Mayor to make a political statement endorsing a politically connected Freeholder who won.  It's not hard for a democrat to win in Union County.  A door knob can win under the banner of Union County Democratic organization.  Even so, Mayor you had no right to do that because it is implicitly against the Council rules against making political statements.  You made a political statement.   Are you stupid, dumb, a democrat, or all three?

Mr. Mayor, I ask you, how much money have the taxpayers lost in failed UCIA projects?  How many millions are Linden taxpayers are in the tank for by failed bonded projects and why do you continue to protect Union County instead of speaking out against the UCIA, an Authority that is incompetent?

Morning Star and South Wood Avenue.  No signs are posted advertising these properties are available.  Why?   Why don't you ask?  It's a disgrace.  Why not go to Hillside and ask BOSS TWEED.  Bring a couple of packs of Pall Malls.


Anonymous said...

Those lots are not advertised as for sake because the are law suits. Yes, the poor church that could not come up with any money for the project has money for a lawyer. The developer on South Wood has had the city in court for years. When will it end? Never not as long as people on the council are afraid of the truth. The city should not be looking to redevelop. Taking property from one to give to another is not right. Just say no to those pretend not for profit outfits that throw money at “ motivational speakers” The only idea I head about St George so far is the planned justice complex . Where is the money going to come from? It would be an improvement on the old police station that exists now but that will take a heck of a lot of financing and years to build.

NFS said...

From what I understand, the Court allowed Valvano to be removed as the redeveloper on the South Wood Avenue project. There may still be other issues as to whether Valvano lost potential profits, but let Valvano prove it. Look at all the Rahway busted redevelopment projects and as far as I'm concerned, Valvano should thank his lucky stars that the project was delayed; otherwise he would have lost even more money. Still, that doesn't excuse the fact that we have the UCIA in charge of these projects, who, in my opinion, does not have the expertise to REDEVELOP properties. What are Charlotte DeFilippo's credentials? NONE. Her lawyers ... DeCotiis as in Encap? Too bad Linden employs pay-to-play lawyers. That aside, the property should be available and should be advertised as "FOR SALE"/.

As far as Morning Star, when MS couldn't come up with the money, Linden should have severed the contract. Enough with the sweetheart deals and extensions.

How many years are we in now are both SWA and MS? 10 years or more and nothing but empty lots and payments on bonds. It's not even funny how incompetent it's all been run.

Anonymous said...

re: south wood ave project,
little known fact:

the environmental approvals are not yet in place, in 2012; which was a responsibility of the Linden/UCIA partnership.

that may be why its not actively advertised for sale; a developer wouldnt touch it unless its ready to be built on

NFS said...

So in other words, the UCIA buys properties that are potentially contaminated without doing due diligence. Doesn't surprise me. We have political hacks running the show with political hack attorneys.

DeCotiis = Encap.

NFS said...

It would be nice if we could get competent attorneys on staff to review these deals. But no Linden leaves the details to the very same attorneys who work for the County. If that ain't s conflict, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

theres even more to it- DeCotis gets to get paid (by UCIA) to defend the lawsuit generated from the same deal they screwed up

its like a plumber creating NEW leaks everytime he repairs a leak and then you pay him to repair the new ones

what a racket!! good work if you can sleep at night

NFS said...

All of them are amoral. It's all about money, getting re-elected, getting sweetheart deals for their donors and taxpayers be damned. They throw a couple of bones, like giving money to Linden for a parade, and the ignorant voters re-elect them. Meanwhile they are robbing us blind.