Monday, October 10, 2011

Union County Freeholder Seat: It's Time

How could anyone deny having another voice on the all-democrat Union County Freeholder Board to be a bad thing?  Sure as the sun rises, Roselle, Linden, Rahway, Elizabeth, and Plainfield will vote for the current cabal of the all-democrat candidates to the freeholder board, thus ensuring a 9-0 vote on anything that comes before it, many times not even understanding the consequences of their actions.  The current Union County Board of Freeholders reward themselves and their supporters quite generously at taxpayer expense.

For instance, I viewed a video where Freeholder/Chairman, Deborah Scanlon, admitted she didn't really understand the Solar Panel Scheme.  Yet she cast a "yes" vote.  That is truly despicable and IMO, a dereliction of duty.  The DeCotiis law firm was not only handsomely rewarded for their consulting expertise, but as its lawyers as well.  Nevermind their campaign contributions.  Amazingly, no one sees a conflict.

I think all the freeholders engage in voting on things they don't understand.  It does not appear any of them have one scintilla of knowledge as to what they are voting on when it comes to major projects.  No one questions the UCIA.  How could they, when it is a long accepted fact that the head of the UCIA, Charlotte DeFilippo. head of the UCDO, is, in essence their boss, when in reality, the Freeholder should be her boss.  No one questions DeFillippo, the self-admitted cog, for her Agency's many project failures.  I will reiterate her failures on another blog.   

As long as the freeholders, their family members and as importantly, their campaign donors, are making money off the taxpayers, diligence means nothing to them.  They fly by the seat of their pants and they get away with it.

Why do they do this?  Because they can.  They know you will vote them back into office, despite the evidence that the freeholders reap the benefits.

Conservative Jersey has an article here why voting for a non-democrat will be a good thing.  I'd love to see the all-democrat Union County Freeholders squirm.  Andy Smith is an attorney and, this could be a good thing for County residents.  He will surely go over every contract with a fine-tooth comb and let us overtaxed taxpayers know just how badly we are getting ripped off.


Anonymous said...

The conflict of interest between UCIA, DeCotis and the taxpayer is mind-boggling. The taxpayer, by the way is virtually unrespresented, and therefore virtually silent. Yet its the taxpayer funds which make this whole relationship go round !!
You couldnt invent a better relationship if you where working as a movie-writer.

DeCotis, as UCIA legal firm for all UCIA's projects screws some of these projects up... So they get paid for doing this initial work..

Then DeCotis gets paid AGAIN to defend the UCIA's screw-ups; which to a major extent was DeCotis own doing, because the UCIA doesnt really do anything on their own...
DeCotis handles just about everything on their behalf
So when a project goes way off budget and someone points the finger at the UCIA, DeCotis gets paid to defend the very project they fully controlled and allowed to go off budget.
At least if they would do the defense portion pro bono... it would be somewhat palatable.
Its like hiring a plumber to repair a toilet, but he creates a leak in the tub before he leaves- then paying him to come back and repair the tub leak!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone willing to take bets that even though everyone is feeling the squeeze and is angry at the inept and corrupt way things are currently being done, no one will dream of thinking outside the Dem box....???

Anonymous said...

write in paul schappe for union county freeholder on november8,2011 i will fight to cut taxes cut spending ,andstop dirty politics