Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Covanta, Union County Utilities Authority, Interim Executive Director/ Freeholder, Dan Sullivan, & Taxpayers (on the hook)

Since no one from the City of Linden's administration attended the special meeting held by the Union County Utilities Authority, I will refer taxpayers and elected officials, if they care, to The County Watchers site which has a full recording of the meeting.  See here.

John Bury gives his insights here entitled "Who Represents the Taxpayers?".  With such a stacked deck, my answer:  No one.

Clearly, Linden has not learned its lesson.  Failed Linden/ UCIA projects:  South Wood Avenue, Morning Star, ISP/Dupont.  Theoretically, the UCIA and the UCUA are separate entities, but are they really?

This article should lift your Covanta-loving hearts ~sarc~


Lindenguy89 said...

I found myself getting really angry as I read the story yesterday in the Star Ledger regarding The Elizabeth school board President Maria L. Munn and her side of the story that she presented with regards to her children receiving free lunches at school. What an insult to the intelligence of the people of Elizabeth thinking that her excuses would be accepted. I was able to find the information regarding the application on the Elizabeth BOE website and it states that once you file the application you will receive official notification by mail as to whether or not the application was approved. It states if you were not approved you can appeal and explains the appeal process. So she can not claim she did not know her application was actually approved. Also, the application is something you have to seek out. It's not like they hand it to every student and ask the parents to fill out and return. It also states on the application itself that the parent must fill out a new application every year in August. Munn's kids were in the free lunch program for 6 years! That means she falsified that application on 6 separate occasions. Not only did she not list her husband's income but she therefore lied on Part 4 of the application where it asks you for "Total Household Gross Income". It also states on the bottom of the application that by signing this application you are certifying that all information is true and all the income has been reported. It states that if you purposely give false information you may be prosecuted. Well she certainly gave false information on more than one occasion if he kids were receiving free lunches for 6 years and she needs to be prosecuted. I also have a question as to why nobody seems to be looking into who approved the application. This person should also be held accountable if they indeed approved the application if there was income reported by Munn that would have made her ineligible for the program. If the income reported met the guidelines then Munn is solely responsible for her actions. You would think that the income stated on the application would be routinely checked against IRS records for reported income on tax forms. I guess that is asking too much though. I provided the link to the application process for you to verify what I was able to learn.: http://www.schoolnutritionandfitness.com/index.php?page=lunchapps&sid=0803111947313688

NFS said...

I have very, very low expectations when it comes to elected officials. It never stops. What's going on in Elizabeth doesn't surprise me. It's what makes NJ so "special" isn't it?