Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Read Up On Covanta Elected Officials

I know it's hard, with limited UNCOMPROMISED legal advice, but anyone who has half a brain should pay attention to what may be going on with the Covanta deal.  No one took the time with the Solar Scheme that Linden was hoodwinked into.  Just wait taxpayers. 

For more information on Covanta, see Bury's blog here.  Why is it that a private citizen has to ask these questions?  Where are our elected officials?  It's getting tiresome.  Do YOUR job.   Ex-Mayor Paul Werkmeister suggested Council appointing a citizen to attend County Freeholder meetings, and nothing.  Joe Lindsey has attended a couple that I know, but not in an official capacity.  To the best of my knowledge, not one Linden Council sitting member attends Freeholder meetings.  That's a disgrace. 

Linden has been dumped on enough by the Union County Improvement Authority, with no questions asked and no results.  Plainfield has a few failures.  I think the UCIA may be preying on Roselle now.  Roselle has stopped airing their Borough meetings so it is difficult to see what's going on there now.  Roselle elected a new Mayor who was indicted on voter fraud and entered Pre-Trial Intervention.  You are on your own Roselle.  You get what you vote for.  Heh.

BTW, didn't Linden just pass an Anti-Nepotism policy?  Isn't that against exactly what Chris Hudak,  an appointed Freeholder, who is the Linden City Democrat organization Chairman, just voted YES to have Freeholder Dan Sullivan head up the Union County Utility Authority?  That's not nepotism?? 

If so, I would imagine, but not expect, the Linden Democrat organization to remove Chris Hudak, son of the City Attorney, John Hudak, who also works for the UCIA, from the Chairmanship.  After all,
Appointed Freeholder Chris Hudak just voted against what, supposedly, the majority of the City Council is against and who he supports.  Will it happen?  No, and that's why taxpayers should know this anti-nepotism resolution is a sham, besides the fact that the City is not hiring.  Total joke. 

We are so screwed.



Anonymous said...

And tell me what Sullivan can possibly know about this business that Garg didn't know 200 times better?? What a shame! We lost a brilliant mind and ended up with something that should rightly be recycled along with the rest of the garbage at thet plant...

You are right, we are so screwed...

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's not nepotism, it's patronage.

Whatever happened with your decision to publicly acknowledge your real-life persona?

NFS said...

@10:01 ... Agreed. When are Union County taxpayers going to wake the F up?

NFS said...

Nepotism, cronyism, patronage, double dipping, pension padding and whatever else that may be going on ... it's all the same. AMORAL and RAMPANT in Union County. If you are against it, you should not only speak up against it, you should quit any association with the Linden Democratic organization as well as the Union County Democratic organization. Anything less means that you support it.

Anonymous said...

NFS I disagree that everyone supports it.The party is a label it's what you do with the label that counts. Look at your buddy Cowboy Jack, he indorsed a republican for President and was still reelected on the democratic ticket. and BTW Joe Lindsay was handed a job by the Mayor and Councilman Strongarm. They had a chance to do the right thing and post the job but they did not. So >>> I guess you and I won't be hearing from him at council meetings anymore because HE IS A CITY WORKER!

NFS said...

@ 8:58 p.m. What I am trying to convey is that the majority of council (all democrats in the past) endorsed many past nepotism policies. How many present council members voted to give JTG a 50% pay raise? Koziol has two family members working for the B.O.E., for which he previously served as President. It's hypocrisy, plain and simple on the part of some Council members. The newly elected council members may mean well, but why is an Ordinance even needed? Nepostism, cronyism, and patronage should not be practiced, and if council believes in that, then they only need to impliment their good sense. Anyhoo, it's decades too late. Plus, the County practices nepotism, cryonyism, play to play and other unseemly behavior with a vengence. Seems to me if Council is serious about putting these practices to an end, then perhaps Councilman Brown, who, apparently, likes to draft resolutions, should whip one up objecting to the County's hiring practices.

Jack Sheehy is not my buddy. In fact, I don't think I ever had one conversation with him. Sometimes I agree with him and other times not.

Even though I am a registered democrat, I don't vote for that party. I vote for the person who I believe will best represent my interests. I vote for BO because I traded my vote with a friend of mine. I promised her I would vote for BO if she would vote for non-democrats in that year's freeholder race.

What job did Joe Lindsey get? I like Joe Lindsey because he is an intelligent, fair-minded person. I'm glad he is working for the City of Linden. However, if he got the job because of some back room deal, then that is wrong. Could you provide more details about the Joe Lindsey job? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I voted for BO and some non democrats in 2008 I agree vote for the candidates principles/platform not the party. I guess we have that in common.
I don’t care who works where as long as they are working and working at a fair wage. NO more bloated salaries and political appointments. NO more handed out jobs TEST for it or be certified.
It makes you wonder how this mayor campaigned against the very thing he is doing. Check is record of appointments, no family but all well connected friends from his citizens association, or former campaign managers or their wives and even former candidates ( 3rd ward and BOE most recently)