Tuesday, August 16, 2011

John Bury To Attend Linden Council Meeting

One of the most informed County citizens will, to the best of my knowledge, attend tonight's Linden Council meeting.

John Bury has been writing about County issues for a couple of years, targeting the Solar Scheme and Covanta, among other issues  He has his own blog writing about the pension crisis, which no one seems to care about.

Tonight he will ask about the Covanta deal.  I doubt anyone will have any answers to his questions.  Even though we have independents on City Council, they exhibit a lackluster approach to guiding our City properly.
You can be against everything, but you must be for something. Everyone voted for the solar scheme without fully understanding it. It's YOUR JOB.  Why do you allow the County to lead you around by the nose is what I want to know.

Tonight will be the second reading of the (cough-cough) anti-nepotism policy.  Hopefully, the Linden Clerk can read the ordinance without laughing as he is a largess of nepotism.  Then the City attorneys will have to IGNORE their own nepotism or conflicts.  Then the Councilman, who has two of his own family members employed at the BOE, where he previously served, will have to either act like it didn't happen or ask his own family members to resign from their positions.  WHAT WILL IT BE KOZIOL?  You are either for it, or  against it.  You can't be both, can you?

Why not ask everyone employed with the City of Linden, who got their positions by nepotism, to resign?  If you were serious with this B.S., you would. 

But you won't.



John Bury said...

As with most municipal council meetings I attend, these guys come off as taking their jobs seriously. (Whether they're qualified for them having gotten there through a popularity contest is another matter). It always throws me when there are real committee reports and the public gets treated with more respect than forbearance.

I only made it to 8:30 since I had to bike back (incidentally Linden is a nice city at night - there was an Elvis show at the auditorium that half the city could hear, kids on the lawn playing touch football....neighbors chatting) but I got a taste of the proceedings.

I don't know if it was an anti-nepotism ordinance but there was 55-40 that changed how committees (Personnel and Finance mostly) were set up. Brown spoke well for it and I think it passed 6-4; the 4 against being Sheehey, Moore, Fraizer & Armstead (who was the major opposition) but they didn't give any official up/down statement at the end so I may have missed a no. (First Ward representative wasn't there).

Sheehey made the comment that "I'm the most honest hard-working guy up here" (kind of out of the blue) in speaking against 55-40 which seemed like it could be considered a diss to some up there.

Nothing on UCUA/Covanta but I couldn't help thinking that these guys would be out of their depth once the DeCotiis people turned on the jargon. First impression: they really seem to care and I would love to give some who would listen (Brown, Sadowski, Cosby-Hurling?) a briefing before DeCotiis gets at them.

NFS said...

Sheehy was kicked out of the Linden Democrat organization so I give him a little credit for that. He does tend to say some off the wall stuff.

Brown is new and quite the smooth talker.

There is an on-going power struggle,ego's flying and plenty of political maneuvering, none of it good for taxpayers.