Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anti-Nepotism Policy

I missed the last council meeting, but I was emailed by a taxpayer that the City has passed an anti-nepotism policy.  Under former Mayor Gregorio, nepotism was the Holy Grail for securing a job in Linden.  So what changed now, especially since Linden has a hiring freeze?  Hell, Linden use to create positions for the politically endowed.   Gregorio's secretaries should have exited when Gregorio lost his election, but no ... Council found new jobs for those girls.  Part of the new nepotism policy that we are now against?  Ha!  I can only laugh.

There is no need for an anti-nepotism policy.  We should have and should, going forward, hire the best, regardless of political affiliation or who is friends with who.  I know for a fact, someone close to me, who was well qualified for a then open position, was denied even consideration for the job because he did not fit in with the then nepotism policy.  This was told, straight up, to my close friend by a then sitting council member.  Reverse discrimination.   I just hope this new policy isn't meant to discriminate against anyone.  Regardless, it's decades too late, and after what went on earlier this year with the reappointment of John Hudak, the politically connected City attorney and whose son is the City Dem. Chair and now a freeholder, if it feels good, like they say, do it.  Don't worry about the hypocrisy. 

Linden should send its new anti-nepotism policy to the County and ask them to consider implementing the same policy and perhaps even to the Board of Education where a sitting councilman, who previously served as the B.O.E. President, and who voted in favor of this cough-cough anti-nepotism policy, has two of his family members employed there.  I could go on and on and name names as to who got their jobs, how, and which sitting council members supported that nepotism policy, the very policy that they are now suddenly against.

Please with the b.s.

UPDATE:  Councilman Koziol's family takes home a little over $112,000 in 3 taxpayer funded salaries, according to Data Universe, not counting health or pension benefits.  Heavens, no nepotism going on here, is there? 


Anonymous said...

I would laugh because you nailed it, but I don't find this funny any more. WTF is going on?

Anonymous said...

The City of Linden, the County of Union, the State of New Jersey - in fact, the entire country is now reaping the rotten fruits of decades of nepotism and political favoritism. I don't believe we will be able to right this ship any longer. We are beyond hope.