Friday, July 1, 2011

County Going Out Of Its Way To Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable

From the June 30th Westfield Leader:

"Joel [sic] Lindsey of Linden questioned the county spending $77,000 for design, construction administration and inspection services for installation turf at Mattano Park in Elizabeth, as well as $116,200 for the same work for installation of turf and lights at Rahway River Park in Rahway. Both contracts were awarded to Neglia Engineering of Lyndhurst. 'Do you think with the economy that we should be doing these kind of projects?' Mr. Lindsey questioned. Freeholder Deborah Scanlon responded, 'Personally, I think we should be doing more of them because now people can’t afford to go away for vacation...The better our parks and the more usable they are,' the more people will be able to utilize the county parks system. 'I think that’s a worthy cause,' Mrs. Scanlon added." 

Updated with video:   h/t to JB @ Union County Watchers


Anonymous said...

I guess what she's also saying is: "Don't even think that we are not having Groupie George's big music party, either, because we are...."

I'm surprised that we aren't all frisked upon entering Union County to see if there is any more money in our pockets for pet projects and relatives' salaries...

NFS said...

Pack a picnic. A bullet proof vest and blanket and you should be okay. Got to love those freeholders ... always looking out for us.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine that the Freeholders, or anyone who supports them, are looking out for us.

I'm having a beer in my backyard. It doesn't cost my fellow taxpayers a dime. I'm listening to some GOOD music, not what Lesniak's nephew wants me to listen to.

GET OUT OF MY LIFE FREEHOLDERS. I don't want your concerts, your ugly mugs looking at me when I enter a county building that I paid for. And I ESPECIALLY resent paying for anyone's salary that is connected to a freeholder, a friend of a freeholder or any pension-padding friends of yours, which there are many.

You ALL know who are. Nothing but of bunch of C4%^sUC#%^ERS.

Anonymous said...

Here's the video:

Anonymous said...

It never even enters these freeholders' little minds that taxes are a problem. They are intentionally oblivious to what is going on in the real world.