Sunday, May 15, 2011

Union County Raises Taxes, But Less Since Christie Took Office

According to a S.L. article published today, the Union County homeowners will see their county portion of taxes rise 5.1%.  In typical S.L. fashion, the writer begins the article with this pretzel logic:

"Union County has passed a budget that includes a $2.7 million reduction in the tax levy from the spending plan proposed in March."
County spokesman Sebastian D’Elia had this outlandish comment:

"This is another example of this governor’s wrong priorities, which includes cutting taxes for the wealthy, hurting our most vulnerable citizens and pushing the costs on the backs of property taxpayers".
Here's the reality:

Year    % Tax Increase      Sitting Governor
2008   5.5%                           Corzine
2009   5.3%                           Corzine
2010   4.5%                           Christie
2011   5.1%                           Christie

Only in the bizarro land of Union County government could the Governor be made out to be the bad guy when the tax increase in percentages have been actually less since Christie was elected.  

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Anonymous said...

Why no mention on the latest between the Mayor and Brown?

NFS said...

To me, it's not worth mentioning. Since Brown took his seat, the acrimony on Council has intensified. I'm disappointed that the Mayor doesn't pick his battles more carefully though. CP Moore should just take Brown's word that Brown is too busy to show up for committee work and remove him from any and all committees.