Friday, May 20, 2011

"The Beat Goes On"

Incredibly, 527 days have passed by since the State's Commission of Investigation issued its report, entitled "THE BEAT GOES ON - Waste and Abuse in Local Government Employee Compensation and Benefits".  The report was delivered to former Governor Corzine and members of the Senate and General Assembly.

Not only that, but the Report indicates that:  "During the past 15 years, dating back to 1994, the Commission repeatedly has examined the nature and fiscal impact of questionable and patently excessive public employee benefits and repeatedly has made recommendations for systemic reform.
See Report here.

Why does Trenton allow this pillaging of taxpayers' hard-earned money?

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Dougman said...

Ummm, I will just venture a guess here:

"Trenton" (i.e. NJ State workers & pols) would be the beneficiary of this situation as it stands. How can ANYONE be surprised that it is still allowed?